Phoenix Rising

Well, it took almost 4 years of constant setbacks and delays, but we finally have a working 64k engine again. And this one is good. Also it turns out we still enjoy staying awake for two days straight to finish a production, so I expect this tool to see some decent action in the years to come.


Almost there

2 hours until the deadline and we have a working build of the engine that renders the intro without glitches. And it's 50 kbytes. It really looks like we might finally be back. Rejoice!


Deadline Rush

29 hours until the deadline and with the last two days of insane work the tool can now be considered feature complete. Tonight will be spent writing post processing effects, updating the minimalengine and polishing the UI for Zoom. We're getting close!



Well, this is it. We're getting very close to the party and Zoom has been working with the tool for a few days now. The feature requests and small things to polish keep flooding in, nothing major up to this point. However he did note that working with the new tool is excellent. An honest-to-god praise that validates all the work I put in this thing :) I still need to finish the postprocessing support tonight so we can have the usual quality of visuals, but we're finally getting there.

Also, Banana!


Polishing, Round 1

Now with the whole production pipeline functional to some extent I started going back to finish the missing pieces. First stop is the keyframer as it only had very basic functionality before. It's starting to get to a useful state slowly.


Production ready

We have a standalone player! It came out at 25 kbytes with everything included (a 2 kbyte project file too), which is a lot better than the last engine we had. Still it's far off from my original goal so I'll keep working on it later. Now, back to polishing the keyframer.